Hi, My name is Kate. I would give you my full name, but I don’t really think its relevant. Today I decided that I wanted to write about the issues in society that I find myself wondering about. I have a lot of opinions, but maybe not so many listeners. So I decided to change that.

    I will admit to being a bit younger than most, still enjoying the ups and downs (but mostly downs) of high school. But I don’t think that makes my opinions any less relevant than those of a 25 or 30 year old. There is a very big difference between mental and physical age, and I believe that my mind is more mature than some adults.

   I have a lot of opinions on equality, feminism, education, literature, society as well as some other subjects. Although I feel that by the end of this my posts may have a general theme.

   Well, that is all I have to say for my introduction, I hope you keep reading.

  Thanks,                                                                                                                                                                                                                       K 


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